Race Baiting SB81

Everyone has heard the stories of the SLPC saying it won’t enforce SB81 as it would involve “profiling”.

It is unfortunate that the SLCPD has opted for using the ever-popular false race card to justify their decision.  And that justification is complete and total sophistry.

The only time identity and status would be checked is after an arrest.  That means a crime was already committed and a suspect has been taken into custody.  The only way profiling would occurs is if the police department already had such a policy in place in determining suspects in a crime.  That would be an entirely separate policy and would certainly not stem from SB 81.  If the SLCPD is worried about profiling in deciding who they should arrest, they need only look in the mirror as it would be an internal policy.

Obviously, the SLCPD doesn’t have such a policy, nor does SB 81.  This is only the latest example of public officials engaging in despicable race baiting to avoid responsibility for a controversial decision.

All police departments need to do to avoid even the slightest perception of profiling is to require every person booked into jail is checked for identity and immigration status.  Such a policy would provide an additional tool by, using ICE’s databases, verifying the suspect’s identity.  That would not only help nab illegal immigrants but those providing plausible false identities.  Remember, identity thieves include fugitives too.  Personally, I wish police agencies would institute such a practice for traffic stops as well.

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