Who Did Centerville, Bountiful Mayors Forget To Thank?

Last week was the groundbreaking for the pet project du jour, the Davis Cultural Arts Center.  From the report (Past , future converge at groundbreaking), some thanks were given:

Both Russell and Bountiful Mayor Joe Johnson, who also spoke, thanked the efforts of all of the volunteers who had supported community theater in the county.

In the above quote they were thanking past performers and those who had pushed for the community to be taxed for a special interest’s benefit.

The funny thing is, they did not thank  the largest contributor to the project and who is being forced to do so:


Thus far, I can’t find a single report stating that they thanked the taxpayers.  Too bad, especially when one mayor clearly prefers taxation for such projects when he stated that he would “…hate to think we’re going to build something based on donations…”


3 thoughts on “Who Did Centerville, Bountiful Mayors Forget To Thank?

  1. […] Then there are the pitfalls of these funding pools.  It introduces government inefficiencies and pressure from groups or politicians to aggrandize projects into legacy projects.  Costs balloon and the project becomes orders of magnitude larger:  something we recently witnessed in Bountiful (this time it had a happy ending…for now).  Not to mention the pitfalls of the types of events that are funded.  Just to add insult to injury, the politicians and benefiting groups hold a groundbreaking, thank themselves for the hard work….and totally neglect taxpayers. […]

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