Down Ecomony? North Salt Lake Wants To Raise Taxes

The economy is fairing poorly, family budgets are hurting and, yet again, government and special interests can only think of forcing you to pay for their pet projects.  To wit, here are two articles to warn North Salt Lake residents about some more legal plundering of your family budget:

North S.L. residents to vote on recreation tax

North S.L. to hold public hearings on recycling

In December, I warned NSL residents and provided some background on why mandatory, as well as government run voluntary curbside recycling programs should be opposed.

What to do now?

In terms of the tax, you will have to go to the polls in November and vote against it to stop it.  It would also be wise to start organizing now to oppose the tax.  Be prepared to be demonized by the opposition as a miser etc. – don’t take it personally and grow a thick skin.  Be sure to read Milton Friedman’s thoughts as to why special interests prevail (and think of how many other “insignificant” fees/taxes these proposals are in addition to).

For recycling, contact your council members now (don’t wait until public hearings, by then the decision is, frequently, already made).  Be sure, however, to also attend the following hearings:

The first public hearing will be held July 21 during the 7 p.m. council meeting in North Salt Lake City Hall, 20 S. U.S. Highway 89.

The second public hearing will be Aug. 18.

Finally, feel free to look at previous posts on Recycling and the RAP tax.


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