What Will Happen To The Lions’ Bountiful Shooting Range?

A Clipper Article on caught my eye recently.  The article discusses a stray bullet missing a resident.  Later in the article, however, we are informed that the bullet did not come from the shooting range, but, rather, from “Fire Break Road”.  Nevertheless, the article continues to focus on the Lions Club Shooting Range.

Currently, the city is negotiating with the Forest Service to obtain the land where the shooting range is located through a land swap.  If I were the Lions Club, I would be nervous about teaming up with the city on this issue based on the Bountiful Mayor’s statements on the issue:

[Mayor Johnson] explained that as far as moving the range, that the city doesn’t own the land it is on so currently has no authority to move it.

However, city officials are working on a land transfer with the U.S. Forest Service, which would put the land in the city’s hands. And as far as moving the gun range if the swap is made, “we haven’t crossed that bridge yet,” Johnson said.

The mayor said “there are people up there who don’t know rifles and handguns and are shooting. That’s not OK when houses are within range (of the bullets).”

First, remember that the gun range was there long before the homes were build.  Additionally, being within range isn’t as problematic as where the firearm is aimed.  There are plenty of firearms that have a very large (effective and ineffective) range.  Even if you put the range behind some hills, a gun (even the less powerful ones), if “aimed” properly can easily launch a projectile over the hill and on a trajectory to hit something on the other side.

Second, keep in mind that stray bullets have come from the forest service lands* and the land swap, to the best of my knowledge, will not change that.

Like I said, if I were the Lions, I would be reconsidering my partnership with the city on this.  They may find themselves booted from their range by the city.

*Note there is one quasi-exception of a bunch of idiots who had finished shooting at the range and decided to shoot a box .  Even in this instance, however, they were not using the range and had left.  The only association they had with the Lions’ range is that they had used it before their dumb move.

Edit: Added the link to the source article.   Sorry about that.

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