Farmington Deadline For Recycling Tax Opt-Out (How to opt out or stop the tax)

Note: If enough people opt-out, Farmington has indicated that they may consider dropping mandated recycling.  If you don’t like the idea of government force being applied to this but support curbside recycling, you it would be best to opt out (nothing prevents you from opting in).

In May, I put up a warning about Farmington looking at a “voluntary” recycling program, now, the Farmington City Council is looking to force everyone to pay to recycle, but, at least, provided a way to opt out.  Unfortunately, you don’t have much time to do so (about two weeks):

Farmington City has set Friday, Aug. 7, as the final date for residents to opt out of its mandatory recycling program.

Recycling collector bins are currently being delivered to Farmington residents, who will automatically be included in curbside recycling unless they fill out an opt-out form.

That form needs to be signed and turned in to the city by Aug. 7 and is available at the city offices or online. The city emphasizes that e-mailing or calling is not an acceptable way to opt out, as e-mail isn’t 100 percent reliable and calling doesn’t provide any documentation. [emphasis added]

With such a short time frame to opt out, I doubt many will find out about it until it is too late.  It appears this program is really designed to be mandatory, period.  Also, I assume this means that new residents will have no choice but to cough up the money as they will, certainly, miss the deadline.

For your convenience, here is a link to Farmington’s Opt Out page (it includes a link to the form in pdf – click here for it, if you like).

Why opt out?  Two reasons:

1. Help charity and schools.  Their recycling collection points generate revenue for them.  Curbside recycling hurts those efforts.

2. IF Farmington is serious about dropping the recycling program based on how many opt out, it will prevent government forcing another tax on people and favoring one business over others (essentially, establishing a government-mandated monopoly).  Further, Farmington’s methodology here is a farce.  If they truly cared how many people wanted curbside recycling, this would have been an opt-in program.  The opt-out method with a short deadline seems designed to get the result they want and provide them political cover to spin and say “the community strongly supported this”.  This seems rigged, to say the least.

For more on this, feel free to look at other posts on the government-recycling issue.


3 thoughts on “Farmington Deadline For Recycling Tax Opt-Out (How to opt out or stop the tax)

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