Historical Museum Nixed For More Tax Funding (Bountiful)

Just to keep up with something that I’ve followed in the past, proponents of the Bountiful Historical Museum are disappointed that they haven’t been given more government money for the project.

Denial of a $50,000 funding request won’t put the South Davis History Museum & Archives building plans into jeopardy.

But Bountiful Council member Tom Tolman, who is on the museum board and a strong backer of a new building, wants another chance to meet with members of the Davis County Tourism Tax Advisory Board. The board denied the museum’s request in a meeting last Wednesday afternoon as the Clipper went to press.

Tolman said the museum is “for Davis County, not necessarily to bring in a lot of tourism. They (board) all agreed it was a worthwhile project for Davis County and the cities involved.

“It’s not going to be a draw; people won’t come to Davis County just because of the museum,” he said.

I agree with the board’s assessment that the museum won’t draw significant visitors to provide a return on investment and that they must be more careful with their limited funding.

Given their decision, I have to wonder why the same rationale didn’t apply to the millions the board and County Commissioners poured into the South Davis Recreation Center and the Theatre (Davis Cultural Arts Center).  Both are also local attractions, yet received significantly more funding.

About a year ago, I requested figures documenting how much tourism revenue the theatre had brought in and how much the new theatre was projected to bring in.  I was never received a response.  I don’t think they had any figures whatsoever and were just trying to appease local politicians on the south end of the county.

While the museum, too, seems to be another politician’s pet project with potential conflicts of interest, I see it more likely that the county could recoup its $50,000 investment in the museum than the millions they dumped into the other local projects.

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