North Salt Lake Appears Headed For Mandatory Recycling Tax

Apparently, North Salt Lake held another meeting on recycling last night.  From the ill timed Clipper article (more on this later), the City seems to have already made up it’s mind, despite a bad economy, that residents will be forced to pay for some type of recycling.  See if you can catch what is missing:

A more detailed pricing list for the various recycling options will be available at the council meeting, with much of the discussion focusing on choosing between a mandatory and an opt-out curbside recycling program…
“Mandatory versus opt-out is always the issue when it comes to recycling,” said North Salt Lake Mayor Shanna Schaefermeyer.

Notice that the option to have no recycling and keep it completely voluntary appears to be missing as an option.  Hopefully that is just due to an omission by the reporter…  It would be nice to hear from residents if a “no curbside option” was discussed at all.

WARNING: North Salt Lake residents should not be fooled into believing that an opt-out provision makes the program voluntary.  As shown by local examples, the opt-out is more a gimmick than an actual option – residents are only given a limited time frame to opt-out (assuming they know about the dates to do so and properly jump through the hoops), those missing that opening must then beg the mayor to let them opt out, and new residents (or residents moving to a new home within the city) don’t seem to be given the option since the opt-out time period has closed.  Even if you do opt-out, you may still be forced to pay for recycling.

If you missed the meeting, it isn’t too late.  You can still contact your Council members, Mayor, and City Manager with your opinion.

Finally, a slightly humorous note: the Clipper article announcing the meeting was published the same day of the meeting.  Considering the Clipper is delivered in the evening, the article seems poorly timed, no?

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