Heads Up: Revisions To Bountiful City General Plan (Update)

A quick blurb.  Bountiful City is revising its general plan.  For some of the related documents go to the City’s planning page.  The documents can, at this time, be found at the top of the page.  Unfortunately, the “Land Use” revision (which was supposed to be “available Monday, September 14”) is still missing.

Watch for fees and other extensions of government programs.  In the transportation document, there is a push for the Mayor’s favored mass transit projects.  That has serious tax and family budget implications.

Finally, the city had an open house on the plan yesterday.  However, you can still sound your opinion.  Just contact city council members.  The City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on October 20th.

UPDATE: Regarding the mass transit projects, I noticed a picture of a streetcar on the transportation document.  It is worth noting that Bountiful Mayor Johnson went on a UTA streetcar junket to Europe.  Looks like it worked like a charm.


One thought on “Heads Up: Revisions To Bountiful City General Plan (Update)

  1. […] Politicians Pet Project Meets Resistance (Centerville, Bountiful) March 10, 2010 by utahrattler About a year ago, the Bountiful Mayor began talking up steetcars and wanted to some pork spending for his latest pet project.  Shortly thereafter, it came out that he and a Centerville Cit Council member had gone on a UTA-sponsored, taxpayer funded junket to Europe.  A few months later, streetcars appear on the Bountiful City General Plan revision. […]

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