Questionable Logic On In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants

The latest line I have heard from the pro in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is that we should let them have the benefit and focus on enforcement on companies that hire illegal immigrants.

The logic completely fails me.  In other words: ‘let’s incentivize and pay taxes for their university education so that they are encouraged to apply for professional jobs at companies which we should punish for hiring them’.  Those using this argument, I hope, just haven’t thought things through…otherwise they are just cruelly setting up an entrapment scheme.

Disclaimer: I am opposed to providing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.  Those violating the law should not get tax-subsidized preferential treatment over legal immigrants and US citizens.  Often, these illegal immigrant students work while attending school.  That means, if employed by a legitimate employer, they have stolen someone’s identity (SSN) and committed perjury on Federal forms in order to work.  Additionally, once they graduate, they are ineligible to work in the United States (unless they commit identity theft etc).  Finally, I understand that enrollment caps are in effect at State Universities.  That necessarily means that ‘legal students’ are being displaced by illegal immigrant students on the taxpayer’s dime.


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