Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and Sutherland Rank Illegal Labor Higher Than Children’s IDs

It has now come to my attention that some of the opposition to SB251 (Verification of Employment Eligibility) comes, yet again, in the form of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and The Sutherland Institute.

Please read the following and contact your State Senator and Representative now on this bill (this is time critical).

SB 251 would require that employers use E-Verify (a free web-based quick response tool provided by ICE) to verify the identity of a potential new hire.  With a few clicks, they could know if the applicant is a citizen or legal immigrant and eligible to work.  Plus, as a bonus to the business, using E-Verify also provides legal protections should an identity thief slip through. E-Verify would almost end identity theft involving children (unless a 20 year-old ID thief can pass himself off as a 5 year old girl…and convince the employer to ignore child labor laws).  It would also make it much harder to use a false ID for a job in general (now, think of the 20 year old trying to pass off as a 75 year old man, etc).

While many adults also have their identities stolen by illegal workers, children are the prime target.  Why?  How often do children check their credit report and social security records?…

See this Colorado report too.

Unfortunately, the Chamber and Sutherland just don’t think protecting your child’s or your personal identity ranks higher than making sure there is a good pool for illegal labor (be they illegal immigrants, fugitive pedophiles, fugitives, or deadbeats).  On top of that, we have a struggling economy and jobs market for legal workers.

By enabling an illegal labor pool not only do they turn a blind eye to the identity victims (and life-threatening conditions) created by such, but also the harm it inflicts on the business environment.  Legal labor must compete with artificially cheaper illegal labor and honest businessmen must compete with those hiring cheaper, illegal labor.  The Sutherland Institute would just prefer to provide those illegally here with State-issued work permits with no mention of any type of background check (essentially, letting illegal immigrant drug and gun trafficking ID thieves get a second job when they’re not busy).

The opponents of identity verification can not use the ‘we didn’t know’ about this excuses.  They are all very well aware of this as it has been known for years and each year this has come up in the legislature they have opposed it, typically behind the scene ala pontius pilot.  And they know the victims are real:

The list goes on on and on and on and on.

UPDATE:  Having your identity stolen can also get you arrested.


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