Utah Economic Development: Let’s Attract Companies That Hire Illegal Immigrants, Fugitives (Update)

This is related to my post titled: Utah Chamber of Commerce and Sutherland Rank Illegal Labor Higher Than Children’s IDs.  It looks like you can add the State’s Economic Development to that list.

Apparently, they too are have been working behind the scenes to stop SB251 (which has now cleared the Senate, albeit in a watered-down form).  The logic behind their opposition is, well, odd.  They argue that requiring E-Verify will make some business hesitant to move into Utah.

To begin with, they continue turning a blind eye to the victims created through identity theft for work (see the above link for background).  Additionally, several neighboring States (Arizona, Colorado) have similar provisions in place and no such problem has been reported.

I also reject their argument on the basis that the large businesses they tend to focus on tend to be highly technical businesses, many of which, already use E-Verify and who also are much less prone to hire illegal labor. Aside from that, employing E-Verify requires very little overhead cost (free program with rapid results) which makes it seem that Economic Development is worried that a business won’t move here because it wouldn’t be able to hire illegal labor.

By allowing illegal labor, be it illegal immigrants, fugitives, or deadbeats engaging in identity theft, the labor market is skewed and unlevel competitive environment with perverse incentives to hire illegal labor results.  Businesses adhering to ethical hiring practices are put at an artificial disadvantage to those who ignore labor laws and victims.  Furthermore, with unemployment still high, legitimate legal workers are displaced and wages artificially reduced.

Basically, such an attitude results in creating more victims of identity theft and introduces a destabilizing factor to the business market.  I thought Economic Development’s purpose was to aid the State by bringing in legal and sustainable economic development for the long term…

Contact your State Representative and ask them to support SB251.

UPDATE: Just learned that another industry group known to have an inclination to hire illegal immigrants is also working behind the scenes to try to gut the bill.  Currently, I have been asked not to disclose this group, but will say that it shows how gutless these groups are.  The dare not come out and openly oppose the bill and show, to the public, where their priorities stand.

Keep calling your representative, they need to feel citizen-supported given the continuing pressure from lobbying groups.  Also – NEVER underestimate your power as a citizen.  In general, lawmakers do weigh your views far more than lobbyists.


2 thoughts on “Utah Economic Development: Let’s Attract Companies That Hire Illegal Immigrants, Fugitives (Update)

  1. Whatever the outcome of the discussions between Sen. Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham of any other partisanship play on the illegal immigration explosion. No matter if our politicians kill E-Verify, 287 (g) federal agreement with local police, slowing down on ICE raids or anything. Whatever law they try to enact, the American people will not tolerate any kind of AMNESTY. Disguise it as they may, no Comprehensive Immigration Reform will ever pass. Illegal aliens will remain “Illegal” and stay that way, as patriotic citizens, sovereignty lovers will–NEVER–allow this abomination to pass. A citizen workers ID or biometric identity card may gain some recognition, but only for legal immigrants. THOSE WHO STOLE ACROSS THE BORDER WILL–NEVER, EVER–BE ACCEPTED BY AMERICANS.

    We will take the late Senator Ted Kennedy at his word, when he stated in 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill: “This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this.” End of Quote. SO BE IT! We take this venerated liberal politician as his word. NEVER ANOTHER AMNESTY. We are now dealing with the monstrous backlash of astronomic costs that have just amplified in support for illegal aliens who have cheated the entitlement system. Amendments to the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act may be possible, but if you want to settle in America, you follow the Rule of Law.and enter America through the front gates. READ THE LATEST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NEWS AT NUMBERSUSA, CAPITOL THE CORRUPTION AT JUDICIAL WATCH. INFORM EVERY STATE POLITICIAN IN YOUR CONSTITUENCY YOUR ANGRY. JOIN MILLIONS AND CALL THE WASHINGTON SWITCHBOARD AT 202-224-3121. INSURE THE YOUR POLITICIANS AID LOG IN YOUR FRUSTRATED COMPLAINTS AND DON’T TAKE–NO–FOR AN ANSWER!

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