Two South Davis Mayors For Bailout Bob Bennett (Bountiful, Woods Cross)

I received a mailing entitle “Mayors for Bennett”.  On it were two familiar South Davis County names:

Joe Johnson, Bountiful Mayor

Kent Parry, Woods Cross Mayor

There was also one former Mayor (Shanna Schafermeyer of North Salt Lake) and current County Commissioner Louenda Downs.

Keep in mind, that Bob Bennett voted for the incredibly ill-conceived bailout (plus he took plenty of money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), supported amnestyvoted for the wasteful “Serve America Act”, and is a major earmark supporter.

It should, thus, come as no surprise that some local officials would support him.  Take the case of the Bountiful Mayor who is in the process of forcing a wasteful streetcar system down citizens throats (just one of his many pet projects he wants demands you pay for).  He has already lobbied Bennett and Hatch for some pork , so why end the gravy train?

It will be up to voters to reject the corporate-welfare pork spending mentality of officials at all levels.  Here’s to carrying through the desire of Utah’s first teaparty (go to the 1 minute mark):

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