Continue To Call Gov Herbert On SB251 – Child ID Theft (Citizens making big difference)

I just got another e-mail regarding SB251.  It appears that your calls and emails have made a big difference and helped pull SB251 from Governor Herbert’s veto pen.  Keep it up!

For more background on this subject click here: E-Verify and ID Theft


Your calls and e-mails have helped prevent a veto of SB251 – so far.  Without them, there is a good possibility that a decision to veto the bill would have been made by now.

So, what now.  Well, we need to keep the pressure up.  Apparently, certain businesses, some faith based organizations and the Hispanic community are being very effective in communicating with the Governor and we need to over come that so ……
Please call the Governor’s office RIGHT NOW.

Ask him to SIGN SB251 in order to (1) protect our children from identity theft and (2) to make sure that the almost 2,000 Utah employers already using E-Verify are not put at a disadvantage by hiring American citizens while other companies continue to hire low, cost illegal labor.   Phone 801-538-1000.

Also send an e-mail to the following:

Subject:  Please Sign SB251 and Protect Utah Employers

Please SIGN SB251 and protect Utah employers who are already using E-Verify or another status verification system.

These companies that are doing the right thing to protect children from job-related identity theft and to hire unemployed American workers are put at a disadvantage when other employers hire lower cost illegal immigrant workers who are using our children’s stolen identities.

Thanks for protecting Utah’s reputable employers, unemployed workers and our children and grandchildren.

Again, also don’t forget that Herbert has a twitter account.  A simple message is:

@governorherbert Please protect children’s IDs and businesses using everify from illegal labor and id theft. Please sign SB251.

3 thoughts on “Continue To Call Gov Herbert On SB251 – Child ID Theft (Citizens making big difference)

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