Trojan Horse Redux: Utah Ethics Initiative (Plus: Regrets? How To Remove Your Name)

Since UEG is in their final push to get people to sign their faux ethics initiative, I thought it worth reminding anyone thinking about signing it to please READ the 21 page initiative before signing it.

Please think of the implications the initiative presents – they should scare you.  For a more detailed discussion on the provisions see Government Ethics Reform Referendum: A Trojan Horse

To sum it up, if enacted the initiative will:

  • Create a Commission of czars that are explicitly exempted from every single branch of government, including voters.
  • The Commission will have huge powers to dictate it’s own budget, which the legislature (taxpayers) must fund
  • The Commission can expand  its regulatory and investigatory powers “without limitation” (see the definition of “includes”)
  • The Commission can use hearsay evidence in it’s ethics “trials” and recommend felony prosecution
  • Defendants are stripped of the right to publicly defend themselves while accusors (or the Commission) may publicly comment on cases as they wish
  • The accused are stripped of the right to be innocent until proven guilty (you must prove your innocence)
  • All subject to the rules must surrender highly personal information to the Commission (I believe there is no penalty if the Commission leaks such information)
  • Exemptions to the rules are made for attorneys and government entities
  • Limits free speech by placing arbitrary limits on individual contributions

As I concluded at the time:

This will guarantee bigger government, higher taxes and a further erosion of our freedoms.  Ultimately, the bill is unconstitutional and an anathema to free and open political speech which creates a localized political oligarchy.

That is not ethics.

What if you have already signed the initiative and regret doing so?  Fortunately, rules for name removal have, belatedly, simplified the process.  Here’s how you can remove your name (do so NOW!):

Just visit or send a letter (not email) to your county clerk with the following information:

  1. A statement requesting your name to be removed from the petition
  2. Your name, address, and the last 4 digits of either your social security number, drivers license or ID number
  3. Your signature

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