SLC Police Chief Burbank Gripes Over Arizona Law (Changing My Mind On Implementing SB251)

I found it funny.  Burbank goes on the Doug Wright show and whines about a law passed in Arizona that doesn’t apply to him.  Go figure.

Why so sensitive?  I suppose it’s because he wants to maintain Salt Lake City’s sanctuary city status for illegal immigrants.  It may be possible that he knows what is likely to happen if Arizona’s law is signed…the illegal immigrants will go to the nearest welcoming place…a certain sanctuary city comes to mind.

I’m fairly certain that Utah will see an influx as the Arizona law goes into effect.  That has me shifting my position on SB251.  Previously, I noted that I could (barely) live with the Identity Verification law’s implementation being delayed by a year (on the strict understand that nothing else would be changed in the bill and no new legislation would be necessary).  Now, I’m inclined to say, no changes – let the law take effect as planned.  Here’s why:

The influx of illegal workers from Arizona will also lead to more cases of child identity theft in the state of Utah.  Delaying SB251 a year will be bad for two reasons:

1. No new workers identities will be checked for a year – with the influx of illegal labor, there will also be a higher than normal amount of new workers using stolen and/or fraudulent identities further exacerbating the problem with identity theft in Utah.

2. Those workers will be protected and allowed to continue using the stolen identity and harming the victim.  E-Verify is only used for new hires.  Since they would be hired during the 1 year delay (prior to law implementation), those workers will be exempt from the rules as they are current (not new) employees.  The only way around that is for the business to use ICE’s IMAGE program, but don’t hold your breath.

Additionally, E-Verify is not rocket science.  The vast majority of businesses should be able to implement the program within the current time frame.

Finally, for some humor, here are some choice quotes from Burbank:

This sets law enforcement back 30 to 40 years…

Because in order to get to those people, you have to ask anybody of color who looks like they might not be from this country…

Er, illegal immigrants come from plenty of countries and a myriad of colors.  Seems like the only one profiling here is Burbank.


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