Pay Attention To Yon On Afghanistan (Where’s The Media?)

I’ve been following Michael Yon for years and consider him the best source of information for new “from the front”.  Yon embeds with our troops (or allied troops) for long periods of time and, I’m quite sure, no one has embed for as long as or as many times as Yon.  Our soldiers and our allied soldiers trust and stay in communication with him.  More to the point, Yon calls a spade a spade and is able to draw on his experience as a former Army Green Beret to make these calls.

Yon has been sounding warnings on Afghanistan and, particularly on Gen. McChrystal (as well as the rules of engagement).  As a result, his embed was summarily terminated and he was sent out of Afghanistan (he’s in Thailand right now and has covered the ongoing situation in Thailand).  However, Yon is an independent reporter.  It appears that status means the elite media outlets could care less what happens (Who In the MSM Will Stand Up For Michael Yon?):

And yet nobody in the media seems to have much of a problem with Michael Yon being removed from the front lines by Obama/General McChrystal. Yon has openly stated the problems in Afghanistan right now and how we could lose this war, unless changes are made. He has been critical of the current rules of engagement that have put our troops in danger…

I’ve seen reporters stand shoulder to shoulder with other reporters in situations that seem downright silly when compared to what we’re talking about here.  At a boxing news conference years ago one of the fighters didn’t like a certain reporter and didn’t want him there—so he kicked him out.  Those of us in the media departed together in a show of support. I’ve been kicked out of an NBA locker room, and watched the rest of the media join me in exodus. The media even stood by Fox News when the Obama Administration went after them last year. The media usually stand together on these issues, but not in this case.

Please read the rest of the article.  Michael Yon’s dispatches are available at his site and for real time posts and information, check out his Facebook page.  Also consider leaving him a donation – they’re what keeps him going.


One thought on “Pay Attention To Yon On Afghanistan (Where’s The Media?)

  1. Yon is widely disliked by MSM types because he’s seen as an embed hog and not a “real” journalist. Given the poor record of most of the media covering Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m not sure they are in a position to criticize.

    On the larger issue of what to think about General McChrystal, I’m trying to keep an open mind. He was way, way out of line to publicly lobby for additional reinforcements. If I were the President I would have fired him.

    OTOH McChrystal probably knows that even with 100,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan we can only pretend to do classic counterinsurgency– to be successful, you’d need half a million at least. Our NATO allies are preparing to leave the AO. The Afghans working for the Karzai regime are hopelessly corrupt, as are most of the contractors.

    Afghanistan has become the longest war in U.S. history, and you can’t envy the commander who will have to conclude it’s unwinnable by our side. The sunk costs are enormous.

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