The Illegal Immigrant List And Identity Theft (Tip Of The Iceberg)

A few days ago KUTV (Channel2) reported on the now familiar ‘list’ of supposed illegal immigrants*.  KUTV found out that the social security numbers used to obtain tax-funded benefits, most were either stolen or fraudulent.  Additionally, the report found that “…there seem to be literally thousands of invalid numbers here at Workforce Services…”

That finding should come as no surprise.  It was just a few years ago that Workforce Services estimated that around 20,000 Utahn’s had compromised social security numbers.  Keep in mind – that figure only reflects those Workforce Services deals with.  The general population number is going to be higher than their estimate.  Note: as I recall, they sent out a few hundred letters to victims but were, thereafter, prevented by the federal government from informing all the other victims they had identified.

Right now, it looks like the government (State and Federal) will go after the lists leakers but may give the identity thieves and document fraud perpetrators a pass. That also implies the the victims (often children) of the identity theft will also not be informed that their numbers have been compromised.

I guess you could say we’ve come full circle.

*Disclaimer: I do not endorse the action of the list leakers.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to draw attention to a legitimate problem.  Unfortunately, despite what may have been good intentions, individuals chose the wrong way to do so – you can’t do the right thing the wrong way.   Whistleblowers be warned: get your ducks in a row before ‘blowing the whistle’.

2 thoughts on “The Illegal Immigrant List And Identity Theft (Tip Of The Iceberg)

  1. It was Rod Decker’s totally unsupported comment that “…there seem to be literally thousands of invalid numbers here at Workforce Services…” There was no “report” that found that to be the case.

    Just because a news reporter speculates about something does not make it true—especially one like Rod Decker who tries to manufacture sensationalism in every story he reports.

  2. Actually, his comment is supported – see the link regarding the 20,000 compromised SSNs. The KSL report from Workforce Services is linked from there. Here is another report that came out of DWS from a legislative audit:
    The Victimless Crime – More Data. This has been known for years now.

    Edit – one other thing I just noticed is that, if you watch the report, he references Shurtleff when he states there are many other numbers not on the list. It looks like Attorney General Shurtleff, himself, was also the source of the information (besides the above references).

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