Can Herbert Be Trusted On Illegal Immigration?

Governor Herbert has put up his illegal immigration TV spot on the internet:

If you want a more detailed version of his position, however, you need to go to his site.  There, you can look up his immigration issue page and find his six points:

1) There must be respect for the law. The Utah solution must acknowledge that U. S. Citizenship – by birth or grant – requires reverence for and adherence to the law.

2) The federal government has a responsibility to secure our borders, to enforce immigration laws, and to draft meaningful immigration policy. The federal government has failed in its responsibility, but the responsibility remains theirs.

3) There must be greater accountability from the private sector. Businesses must be responsible for establishing hiring practices that comply with the law to verify legal documentation of all workers.

4) The Utah solutions should recognize and respect the humanity of all people. Immigration reform efforts must be fair, colorblind, and race-neutral.

5) We must provide appropriate tools for law enforcement. The Utah solutions must give law enforcement officers, through resources and training, the ability to enforce the law and to keep our communities safe.

6) We must relieve the burden on taxpayers. There are significant societal costs associated with illegal immigration that simply must be addressed. Our Utah communities, and our taxpayers, can no longer be expected to bear this financial burden.

It all sounds great on the surface but once you get past that, there are some serious red flags:

IF his written words can be taken at face value, it seems that he will not seek a Utah guest worker or local amnesty program (per point 2) which is being pushed by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (with support by Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff – see: AG, Salt Lake Chamber working on guest worker proposals).  Conversely, his second point also indicates that he’s left plenty of room to oppose/veto any bill he can construe as “immigration policy” which he deems “responsibility remains [the Feds]”.

Interestingly, his third point looks like he’s calling for business “accountability”.  I wonder if that would indicate support of strengthening the State’s E-Verify requirements.    I won’t hold my breath, given his near veto of the bill in the first place (it was saved only by citizen calls to his office) and subsequent thoughts of gutting the bill in a special session.  That thought ended from a combination of the Arizona law passing, citizen support thereof, and the upcoming election.

Finally,  the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce has also used the term “a Utah solution”  (see:
Utah’s approach to immigration will impact our economy) to push their program and concurrently oppose any Arizona-like laws in Utah.  The Chamber also worked against the E-Verify bill, seems to have supported a veto, and pushed for the special session to gut the bill.  The Governor uses the “Utah solution” term in the commercial.  There is no way of knowing if his intent differs from the Chamber’s but I do know the Chamber is very politically active.

I don’t trust Herbert on this issue one bit.  He appears very evasive in his language.  My word to the wise is to prepare for a fight if/when illegal immigration bills are brought through the State Legislature regardless of who is elected governor.


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