Vigilance: Bountiful Streetcar Boondoggle (and kudos to Layton)

The Clipper reports “Don’t expect streetcars to come to Bountiful soon“:

Salt Lake City officials are hopeful the federal government will soon pick up the tab on at least some of their streetcar projects, but Bountiful City officials don’t believe South Davis will see streetcars anytime soon.

Bountiful City planner Aric Jensen said he believes some of the Salt Lake City lines are shovel ready, that is, builders can proceed as soon as funding is available.

That’s not the case in Bountiful or Centerville, where there’s been no engineering or other preparatory work done — and that may be several years out.

That’s a bit of good news BUT the political pet project certainly isn’t dead and watch for surprises on it (especially if the Bountiful City Council has any say as we saw with recycling).  Right now it looks like all the local politicians are hoping that ‘tea party candidates’ will flounder and Federal pork (because people in Kentucky should pay for Bountiful’s streetcars!) can be thrown their way:

As to future streetcar funding in Davis County, “a lot depends on what happens in the (November) elections. Much depends on the political structure.”

All those “hundreds of residents turned out to protest the plan and the proposed route” better keep their guard up, this is by no means over.

Ending on the positive: At least some Layton officials made the right call on forced recycling:

“Traditional recycling is a costly service in terms of curbside pickup,” he said. “It does not pay for itself,” he said, noting “mixed results” in terms of some other cities’ experience with a recycling program.

“The only way to make traditional curbside recycling financially viable is to force everyone to participate and pay,” Curtis said. “City councils in Layton have not wanted to do so because it would force people to pay for something only a limited number would use.”



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