Davis, Ogden-Weber Chambers Of Commerce Plan Action On Immigration

Looks like the Davis Chamber of Commerce and the Ogden-Weber Chamber Of Commerce (Chambers meet to tackle legislative issues) are looking to team with the Salt Lake Camber of Commerce to influence legislation dealing with immigration:

“We (chambers) could be a powerhouse together — but alone we don’t add up,” said Rep. Julie Fisher, R-Fruit Heights.

The committee listed a number of agenda items that were common to both groups such as:

• Restaurant tax

• Statewide tourism/performance marketing fund

• Utah Procurement Team (one-time funding)

Immigration, collaborating with Salt Lake Chamber [emphasis added]

• Weber/Davis campus building

• Health reform — statewide and national issue…

The Salt Lake Chamber’s primary focus lately has been illegal immigration and creating a defacto amnesty program via a State-administered guest worker program.  It is also rumored that they have worked behind the scenes to try to stop and water down the recently passed State E-Verify legislation.  The Salt Lake Chamber also hosts video on their site regarding this issues by their favored immigration attorney (who penned this juvenile gem).

Be prepared for this “powerhouse” to attempt to dilute/kill current law and proposed legislation that deals with employment verification (E-Verify), identity theft, and/or illegal immigration.  I would also not count on Governor Herbert acting as any type of firewall against such efforts.


2 thoughts on “Davis, Ogden-Weber Chambers Of Commerce Plan Action On Immigration

  1. Well, the “juvenile gem” was actually a lot more thought provoking than anything you’ve written here to illustrate your point.

    Why should Herbert oppose such an endeavor?

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