Quick Take On The “Utah Compact”

Basically, the “Utah Compact” group, consisting of governmental and business elites, wants the State to do nothing (leaving everything to the dependable, do-nothing Federal government) on illegal immigration.  On the other hand, they do want to state to create a defacto amnesty via a local guest worker program (thoughts on that here).

They continue to want everyone to observe one-sided compassion (see here too) for the humanity of  illegal immigrants while hoping everyone will join them in turning a blind eye to the victims of illegal immigrants.  Many of those victims (tens of thousands in Utah alone, see here too) are children who’s identities have been stolen and fraudulently used (along with fraudulent documents).  All of which are Federal felonies.  Better yet, you could be arrested because your identity was compromised. Bear in mind, a good portion of this group disliked and watered-down the recently passed State legislation (and hoped to kill it in special session) requiring employer use of E-Verify which would significantly help reduce child identity theft.

We are also expected to ignore the humanity of legal immigrants and prospective legal immigrants who are doing the right thing and following the irritating process.  Nor should we pay any attention to the fact that what is proposed would ignore the humanity of immigrants who’s borders are not adjacent to ours.

Take careful note that the vague Compact uses the old trick of  lumping legal and illegal immigrants together as “immigrants”.  There is a big difference.  For one thing, legal immigrants don’t need the compact’s guest worker proposal as they already have work permits.  The compact is entirely geared for illegal immigrants.

Finally, the group urges local law enforcement to entirely ignore illegal immigrants and focus “on criminal activities”.  Based on the calculated avoidance of identity theft victims, I’m left to wonder if the group considers ID theft and document fraud a legitimate crime.  Fortunately, they can not hide nor deny the existence of real victims of these crimes (video reports).

3 thoughts on “Quick Take On The “Utah Compact”

  1. You cannot possibly be so obtuse as to realize every “supporting” link to the many crimes of these illegal immigrants do not actually show any evidence of these crimes being committed by illegal immigrants. Or maybe you can be.

    You’ve been beating this drum for years and I’ve yet to see you provide a bit of evidence to your many claims that illegal immigrants are responsible for crime (specifically ID theft, since that’s your preferred example) in any significant number that would justify your equation that the lack of compassion they face to your own self-perceived grievances at the hands of illegal immigrants.

    Never mind that criminal and social statistics disagree with your wild assertions. Never mind that statistically, white, lower to middle class American males are responsible for a much higher ratio of crime per capita.

    If your fears were truly based on crimes committed, you have chosen to blame the wrong demographic. Which makes me wonder if your fears are truly based on crimes committed…

    Many just find excuses to justify what they already fear for reasons they would be ashamed to admit they believed.

  2. This blog has a plethora of examples of the illegal immigrant ID theft crimes (including news video of such) along with statements from the Attorney General’s office ID theft team (Hamp and Torgerson). The AG nor any other (legislator’s included) have disputed the ID theft problem. Plus there are reports like this which include source links for those wishing to read that much. Here are some MSNBC reports as well: Hidden cost of illegal immigration: ID theft and Finally, warnings about shared SSNs. EDIT: I ran a google search on MSNBC page and it has a wealth of information on this subject for anyone interested.

    Finally, as stats are moot for a couple of reasons. Stats you cite (w/o a source) don’t matter as those who are in the country illegally have already committed a crime and they are only adding to they shouldn’t be here to commit any additional crime in the first place. Next, KSL tried to run some stats on prison population and was called on the carpet for their awful methodology in the comments (which they have now blocked and are no longer available viewing). Prison data has also been problematic. Some just don’t keep a listing of who is illegal or not while others (like the Salt Lake jail) list Hispanic and other ethnic groups as “White”. The stats on the issue are just worthless at this time.

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