Utah Cities Breaking E-Verify Law

Just a brief note that there are around 250 municipalities in the State of Utah. The most recent E-Verify database listing (as of January 22, 2011) shows only 93 are signed up.

Here is the list limited to municipalities (PDF) – link to full list located at end of post.

SB 81 was passed in early 2008 and went into effect July of 2009 requiring governments at all levels to use E-Verify for it’s new hires. Crunching the numbers, it appears only about 40% (rounding up) have complied with the law. Bear in mind, that E-Verify is a significant help in preventing employment related identity theft by illegal immigrants, fugitives, and deadbeats.

Feel free to search the list for your city. If your city is not listed, they have failed to comply and are in violation of the law. You may want to contact your city and politely ask if they plan on complying and what actions they are taking to get in compliance.

Here is the full list of all Utah entities using E-Verify.  It includes businesses, special districts, schools, churches (including the LDS Church listed as “Corporation of the President-LDS Church”), etc.  The list can be downloaded in various formats (click File, then Download as).

***Note: Businesses with 15 or more employees are also required by law (effective July, 2010) to use E-Verify.  The full list can be used to check on business compliance.

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