Shifting Sands: The Utah Attorney General On Illegal Immigrant ID Theft

The video says it all on how the AG has entirely change his position on employment-related identity theft by illegal immigrants.

In 2005, the AG (Mark Shurtleff) acknowledges how destructive identity theft, even for employment purposes, is to victims.

Children’s identities are some of the most sought after by identity thieves. Children also receive the greatest harm from this type of theft as it is often remains undiscovered until a critical time (such as when applying for student loans etc) – see this 2007 report for example:

Besides financial impacts on victims, it is also noteworthy that if medical benefits were gained under a stolen identity, the victim may have had their medical records corrupted, leaving potential life-threatening consequences.  Even technology radio hosts are onto this.

As ironic as it is, after teaming with Workforce Services in 2005 to combat identity theft, by 2010 the AG is refusing to investigate/prosecute identity thieves (by trying to pass the buck to the Feds) found on a leaked list from Workforce Services.

4 thoughts on “Shifting Sands: The Utah Attorney General On Illegal Immigrant ID Theft

  1. […] If you have followed the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce’s immigration policy (contained in HB116), you would have to anticipate that they are giddy over Obama’s latest immigration policy.  The Chamber and their supporters such as Mark Shurtleff, Sutherland Institute, and LDS Church Public Affairs are well aware of the identity theft, among other crimes, linked to illegal immigration as well as the victims of these crimes.  They’ve done well casting  blind eye to the victims (even to the point of laughing) and cavalierly dismissing the crime. […]

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