Group Attempts Visa Extortion On LDS Church (Illegal Immigration)

A group has decided that the best way to get the LDS Church on their side is to go the extortion route:

A former vice president of a local community group has penned a letter to Mexican President Felipe Calderón seeking the temporary suspension of visas issued to Mormon missionaries in response to his view the LDS Church hasn’t stood tough against Utah-based immigration reform bills.

Raul Lopez-Vargas, a former vice president of Centro Cívico, said he has gathered more than 100 signatures from both legal and undocumented immigrants in Utah and plans to deliver the letter to the Mexican consulate in Salt Lake City on Monday. He said he’s already sent the letter to Calderón and that the letter going to the consulate is a copy.

This threat also appears to carry some weight (i.e. it might not be smart to laugh it off as an empty threat):

…But Yapias said Lopez-Vargas has legitimate links “at the highest levels” in the Mexican government.

Mr. Lopez and his group have some chutzpah:  they are threatening to harm the LDS Church if people who have violated one or more laws (including felonies like ID theft etc) are not granted some sort of amnesty for their actions.

It will be interesting to watch how legislators and the LDS Church handle this…will they be cowed into submission?


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