Sandstrom, Herrod Receive Threats Citing Illegal Immigration (Who is FUDI?)(Update) Update: More Information

Yesterday we had the delivery of a petition attempting to extort the LDS Church to oppose illegal immigration legislation, today we get reports of credible threats being sent to two State Legislators:

Two state lawmakers running immigration reform bills were e-mailed perceived death threats over the weekend and Utah Highway Patrol authorities confirmed Monday they are investigating the matter and taking it “very seriously.”

Reps. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, and Chris Herrod, R-Provo, were the only two state lawmakers to receive the one-and-a-half page letter, confirmed top state law enforcement officials, who said they were too early in the investigation to determine the severity of the threat.

The letter was e-mailed and authored by the “United Front for Defense of Immigrants” (aka “FUDI”) along with a picture of Che Guevara and an firearm.  Some text from the letter includes:

A comprehensive immigration reform has never and will never be established in Utah through peaceful dialogs [sic], civil discourse, or the Mormon Church involvement. It will be established as any other revolutionary changes always have been … by pen and gun, by word and bullet, by tongue and teeth.

Over the weekend, Rep. Sandstrom had his car egged and his daughter’s car hit with tomatoes.  At the time he blew it off as just a coincidence.  It did seem like a run of the mill teenage prank and undeserving of much attention.  It may still amount to a coincidental prank, but now one has to wonder if it was more than that.

However, this may get more interesting.  An apparent FUDI representative posted a radical, and threatening, “manifesto” on the Enriching Utah Coalition’s Facebook page on December 26, 2010.  The coalition includes the Utah Office Of Ethnic Affairs, ACLU, Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake, Utah Coalition of La Raza, Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Utahns For Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association among others (full list on page 6 of this document).  The FUDI post remained available on the coalition’s page through January 18, 2011 (the last time I checked).  I assume the post was only recently taken down.

The poster was “Cerebro Brillante” but his/her/their Facebook page is now also unavailable (it too was still available on January 18).  On the page, they listed that they attended the University of Utah and friends (about 60) included Tony Yapias.

The FUDI Manefesto was also posted on the profile page and includes the following text:

Confronting those and punishing them are necessary measures to straighten things and to make the right.  Traitors and oppressors who subject the undocumented immigrants to aggression ought to be punished.
The wrongs and crimes committed against undocumented immigrants are so many and the counting continues.  Arizona heads the list of aggressors against our immigrants brothers and sisters.


Our struggle for existence is under attack.  They kill and murder our fathers and husbands.  They terrorize our wives and sons.  They compromise our honor and our dignity and nobody utter a single word of protest against the injustice.
Enough is enough!  We remind those who terrorize undocumented immigrants that self-defense is justifiable.

Note: the bold emphasis was the author’s and not added in.  Obviously, I have screenshots and, if time permits, I’ll post them later.  All for now, but this will be another one worth watching.

UPDATE:  I don’t think “Cerebro Brillante” is a group of people based on some of their other posts I was able to find. He or she, in a November 7, 2010 post, claimed to be the FUDI General Secretary and stated:

…We will use all available legal means but do not discard any options of self-defense.

We warn you that the implementatio…n of that law …will bring about a social, political and economic chaos in the state of Utah. I predict darkest days for Utah if they pass that law. Just remember what Brigham Young said, “It is better to feed the Indians, than to fight them.

They also posted on Sandstrom’s Facebook page but had significantly toned down the rhetoric in that instance.

Most interestingly, however, I found this post on what I assume is a Chinese language version of an Enriching Utah Coalition Facebook event notice.  Scroll down and look for his/her post.  You’ll notice the AK47 logo and the claim of being the General Secretary.  Wonder if that is the firearm logo that was sent to Herrod and Sandstrom.  I also wonder how many members FUDI has, if they use threats, and what other organizations support or associate with the group.

UPDATE (Feb 16):

Another graphic for “Cerebro Brillante” off Facebook.  Look at this post on the LA Times Facebook page from Jan 25, 2011.  Notice the image in his/her comment.  It contains both Che Guevara and the AK47.  Those two items also appeared on the letters to Herrod and Sandstrom.  Their “Manifest #2” includes:

There is no doubt that racist groups who hide under the banner of neo-Nazis are responsible for death threats against Governor Brown in California, and harassment against our immigrant brothers in Utah.
We warned them that we are ready to fight major battl……es in the political, social, economic fields, and if deem necessary, in the military field, against the nefarious forces of racism and repression.
The call to self-defense is directed at the racists and the aggressors and the enemies of innocent immigrants, the right wing politicians, the white supremacists, the neo-Nazis, the Minutemen, and all the traitors who commit acts of treason against their own fellow human beings.
Confronting those and punishing them are necessary measures to straighten things and to make them right. Traitors and repressors who subject the undocumented immigrants to aggression ought to be punished.

Both HotAir and Lady Logician have picked up on the threats and have some additional information on FUDI which is apparently linked to the Aztlan movement (specifically “Casa Aztlan”):

Utah Death Threats Against Officials

Tea Bagger Violence Continues

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