Cerebro Brillante Now Carl Gauss – FUDI Update: El Salvador War Memorial Video, More

A few days ago Representatives Herrod and Sandstrom received violent threats related to their immigration bills from an organization named (FUDI, or United Front for Defense of Immigrants).  FUDI was linked to the possibly defunct Facebook account of “Cerebro Brillante”.   For further background on FUDI and Cerebro please read this post.

I also found some more Facebook posts on Palmira Perez – Noticias 22 wall.   In response to a threat to Gov. Brown, they state (in Spanish):

…Our front warns them that we are preparing to fight great battles in the political,  social, economic, and if necessary, in military terms, against the ominous forces of racism and oppression…

In another post on the same page, they ask for help finding a revolutionary fighter (Guazapa) and in yet another post regurgitate similar rhetoric noted in my previous post and affix a picture of Sheriff Arpaio and Arizona politicians bearing swastikas.  Clicking on the photo takes you to an album they posted with other photos.

[Update: Cerebro has taken the account down again]

Then I saw something interesting:   The photos were posted by “Carl Gauss”.  Interestingly enough “Carl” has the “IN RESPONSE TO HB-70 (COMMUNIQUE III-2/11/11)” which was sent to Sandstrom and Herrod. But more interesting, clicking on the “Cerebro Brillante” name in the Palmira Perez wall (above) takes you to the Carl Gauss account. It looks like Cerebro has resurrected his/her account under a new pseudonym.

After running a search using the Spanish name of FUDI (“Frente Unido por la Defensa de los Inmigrantes”), I came across a memorial video for the FMLN in the El Salvador civil war.  FMLN has its roots in the left fringe of the El Salvator Communist Party (they split from the Communist Party as it would not endorse armed conflict).  “Cerebro Brillante” commented on the page and signed the comment FUDI.  Here is their post (the first quote) along with a reply to it:

El Salvador: un …
El Salvador: un grandioso ejemplo de heroismo con una historia revolucionaria escrita con la sangre de los mejores hijos del pueblo, guerrilleros y soldados por igual. Que su sacrificio no sea en vano y su sangre siga fertilazando el jardin de la justicia y la democracia. Viva mi patria chiquita! Viva mi patria grande! Viva El Salvador Frente Unido por la Defensa de los Inmigrantes-FUDI (un abrazo a todos mis compatriotas desde la distancia)

@cerebrobrillante …
@cerebrobrillante infinitas gracias a todos los que dieron su sangre por la liberacion contra la oprecion y la injusticia, hermanos talvez la lucha haya terminado para algunos. pero la cemilla que sembraron en donde quiera que se encuentren quiero que sepan que que germino en mi corazon HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE

You can use Babelfish or Google Translate if you wish.  Cerebro discusses the heroism of those who fought, their sacrifice was not in vain and their blood fertilizes the garden of justice and democracy and hails his/her mother country.  The reply thanks him/her and other commenters urge on the revolutionary cause.

From the above, El Salvador is referred to as “mother country”.  Thus, either Cerebro or his/her family appears to originate from El Salvador.

Cerebro also espouses “revolutionary ideals” on this site as well and (assuming this is Cerebro) states the following on this site in relation to a posted video:

Las causas revolucionarias triunfan cuando hay un pueblo dispuesto a morir por ellas. Y un pueblo unido jamas sera vencido. Frente Unido por la Defensa de los Inmigrantes-FUDI

That’s: “…Revolutionary causes succeed when there are people willing to die for them. And a people united will never be defeated…” (reflecting some of the lyrics in the revolutionary song by Quilapayún).

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