Did Senator Robles Represent Mexico While Holding Government Offices?

Thought this brings up some interesting questions which should be followed up on.

It appears that Senator Robles was part of an official Mexican Government sanctioned institute under Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (“Consejo Consultivo del Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior” or CCIME – Advisory Board of the Institute for Mexicans Living in the Exterior).  The concern is that she was a part of the institute while serving the State in an appointed position in the Office of Ethnic Affairs , while campaigning, and then after her election to the State Senate as a lawmaker.  Obviously, this raises a concern with a potential conflict of interest (and whether or not then Governor Huntsman knew about this).

Here is the link to the document – I’m not going to post excerpts for the sake of brevity and the document should be read in full to form an opinion (I would like to re-read it myself).  The document provides background information and concludes with a series of questions and sources etc:

A Preliminary Look At Senator Robles’ Immigration Conflict Of Interest

Edit: I changed the title to “…Holding Government Offices” after noticing that my first title could be misleading.

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