Is LDS Church Giving In To Illegal Immigration Extortion? (Mexico)

First, to be entirely transparent this is speculation based on what may or may not be a coincidence but worth watching as future actions by the LDS Church’s public affairs branch may indicate if there is any merit to this speculation.

While I can’t independently confirm it, I was informed that LDS Church legislative representatives were on the hill yesterday when Senator Bramble held his press conference regarding his omnibus immigration bill providing a means of local amnesty for illegal immigrants.  It isn’t a secret that the LDS Church often works in the background to influence legislation.

The LDS Church has never signed onto the Utah Compact but, recently, an activist with “links at the high levels” of the Mexican government threatened that the Mexican government could suspend LDS missionary visas and pushed for such (via a letter delivered to President Calderón) if the Church did not come out sufficiently strongly against illegal immigration enforcement bills and support amnesty-providing legislation (such as Sen. Bramble’s).  The Mexican government recently acknowledged receipt of the letter and it is under review.

The question then is if the Mexican government and/or the threat contained in the letter has pressured the LDS Church to cave on their stance and support the Bramble bill.

One means of evidence for the above will be to watch today and for the coming week if the LDS Church’s PR branch comes out with a statement supporting Bramble’s bill or signs onto the Utah Compact.  If so, it seems likely that some pressure (likely from Mexico) was put on the church and it caved in to it – especially given the church’s firm stance on not endorsing legislation.


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