The Fix: Utah Currently Headed For Illegal Immigrant Amnesty (Plus: Bramnesty’s Key Actors)


Beginning Note: Do not contact nor threaten (ie ‘I’m going to vote you out’ etc) the named entities listed below!  It is far, far better to contact your legislators and firmly, but politely, ask them to support the enforcement bills (and guest worker bills that don’t provide amnesty).  It may be frustrating but smart, civil, and resolute action is needed.


The title pretty much says it all.  As clearly evidenced by the vote on Bramble’s (Bramnesty) SB288 bill which paves the way for illegal immigrants to have amnesty via work permits and effective amnesty from identity theft they have committed.  That evidence is further compounded by the same committee’s handling of SB253 which would penalize employers for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and other identity thieves. The bill did need some clarifying language and typically such bills are approved by the committee with sponsor’s agreement to amend the bill on the floor.  The committee refused to do so with HB253.

The above isn’t much of a surprise when you find out that Bramble sits on the committee and steered both bills to the “Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee” – don’t ask what either bill has to do with that committee.   Bear in mind that Bramble’s large omnibus bill was crafted at the last minute behind closed doors and out of the public spotlight and includes last minute changes (sound familiar?…).

Back to identity theft: SB288 will effectively gut SB81 and SB251 passed over a couple of years that provide a modicum of identity theft protection for children.  Tens of thousands of Utah children are the victims of identity theft, a large portion of which is driven by illegal immigrants.  Those pursuing the amnesty bills (legislators, lobbyists, and interest groups) know this to be the case but prefer to ignore it.  Furthermore, they shout compassion but seem perfectly willing to sacrifice citizens and children’s identities in the process and entirely neglect compassion for the victims.

There are years of entries on illegal immigrant-related identity theft on this blog.  Currently, there is no way that I’m aware of to view your, or your child’s social security records and no efficient way to view your child’s credit report.  Basically, you’re at the mercy of identity thieves.

So who’s pushing amnesty and gutting current law?

Senator Curt Bramble – Developer and sponsor of the bill.  Besides providing amnesty and gutting existing laws, the bill also solidifies the driver privilege card and in-state tuition.

Senator Scott Jenkins (Senate Republican Majority Leader) – he went on the radio backing the bill and using the ‘we don’t have the ability to deport anyone’ canard (no legislation has asked for such and he knows it).  He also appeared with Senator Bramble at the amnesty bill’s ‘unveiling’.

Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee (see above)

The Sutherland Institute (background here and here).

The Utah Association of Realtors (background)

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (background) NOTE: The Chamber essentially wrote the bill.

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff (see his tweet).  His position on illegal immigrants has significantly changed and evidently finds some identity theft acceptable.

The Utah League of Cities and Towns – attempted to spike HB70 and their membership appears to have a very poor record complying with the E-Verify law.

…And last but not least….

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church) – has had representatives (Bill Evans and John Taylor from their Public Affairs section) in the Senate’s offices (outside of public areas) and appears to have worked in the background to oppose any enforcement and support amnesty.  For some reason, it looks like they have opted to avoid coming out, being transparent, and explicitly taking a position despite having been involved in the process.   I have no idea who/where the decision is made for this.  Nor do I know if the threat they received is a factor.

Edit (2012): Added the church lobbyist names who were involved.  I noticed John Taylor is no longer listed as one of their lobbyists at the linked website but he was when HB116 was passed.

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