Stopping Bad Legislation From The Comfort Of Your Armchair (HB116)

UPDATE (4/5/11): Use this petition/website to call for the Repeal of HB116.

Recently, the Utah legislature passed HB 116 which grants illegal immigrants a work permit in the state (amnesty).  That will also include illegal immigrants who commit crimes, but have not been convicted thereof and effectively ignores identity theft crimes.  The bill was rushed through with negligible debate and virtually no public exposure late at night (the same night HB477 passed under similar conditions).  The bill is unconstitutional and seriously flawed.  I recommend reviewing those flaws, if you are unfamiliar with them, prior to contacting the Governor.

At this point, the Governor, Gary Herbert, seems poised to wait out the opposition demanding his veto and give in to the lobbyists that pushed the bill.  He has 20 days to sign or veto the bill (otherwise it automatically becomes law without his signature).  Due to the waiting game, daily pressure (in the form of calls, faxes, and emails) will be required but that continued pressure can be done from your La-Z-Boy®:

Call: 801-538-100 or 1-800-705-2464

Fax: 801-538-1528

Email:, (the Governor and Lieutenant Governor)

Twitter: @governorherbert

The message you transmit can be as simple as: “Please veto the flawed HB116”.

Please make, at least, one form of contact each day until March 30th.  Place it on your calendar.

It would also be helpful to sign the on-line petition, which will be hand delivered to the Governor’s office on a daily basis. Please only sign it once – not daily!

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