Senator Lee, Representative Chaffetz Not Buying HB116, Hatch Staying Clear

So far HB 116 has had no support from the Utah Congressional Delegation.  On Tuesday, both Senator Mike Lee and Representative Chaffetz soundly rejected HB116 (Mike Lee: Guest-worker law is ‘not going to happen’):

U.S. Sen. Mike Lee said Tuesday there is no chance that a guest-worker program passed by the Utah Legislature will be allowed to take effect.

“It’s just not going to happen,” Lee said. “It would take a massive shift in federal law for that to even be considered, and there’s no appetite to transfer that authority over to the states.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, also denounced the law, calling it unconstitutional and saying he would have vetoed it if he were the governor.

…[Chaffetz said:] “I feel it’s unconstitutional, and I took an oath to uphold the Constitution,” he said to cheers from a standing-room-only crowd.

Chaffetz said it is ironic that Utah politicians often complain that the federal government violates the Constitution and moves into areas reserved for states, but now “we have come to the point that the state is trying to do something that clearly is the purview of the federal government” by issuing work permits.

Representative Chaffetz also went on to say he would have vetoed the bill.  As for Senator Hatch, he’s clearly avoiding the issue and doesn’t look like he wants anything to do with it.  That just leaves Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jim Matheson.

Finally, if you read the source article watch for some deceptive spin from State Representative Curt Bramble:

But Bramble said the state has passed resolutions “begging, pleading, demanding” that the administration and Congress address the issue and HB116 was an attempt “to push Washington” to act.

Er, the Legislature has passed one (1) resolution (two years ago) previous to the resolution just passed this session.  After searching several previous sessions for an immigration resolution and turning up none (let me know if I missed one)…Bramble seems to have a serious memory lapse as to how much “pleading” has come from the Utah Legislature.

HB477 has received all the attention from the media but few realize that HB116 was passed in the same manner (and later the same night as HB 477).  For background, the serious flaws of HB116 and all posts related to HB116 can be found at the links.


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