Salt Lake Chamber Of Commerce: A Child Identity Thief’s Best Friend

Yesterday KSL titled a report “Protecting kids against ID theft a grim reality“.  KSL reports:

It’s not something most parents give much thought to, but child identity theft is a growing problem in Utah and across the nation.

…”Sometimes we’ll get reports from a parent who has a newborn who received their social at birth,” explained Scott Morrill, program manager with the Utah Attorney General’s Office. “They received notification that somebody’s been using their social for several years.”

Child identity theft in Utah is significant and growing mainly because the state has a lot of kids, said Morrill.

“We’re seeing at least 75 percent of our reports child identity-theft related,” he said.

Much of that identity theft happens randomly, where thieves will pick numbers and sell them on the street.

“If they’re doing that, they’re choosing random social security numbers, so basically anybody can become a victim,” said Morrill. “Whether you lose your card or gave it to someone else for whatever purpose and there’s not much you can do to prevent that.”

…”There’s really not any way for a typical family to identify if their child’s social or other information is being used,” said Morrill. “Or if someone else is using it for either employment or credit.”

Morrill and KSL fail to mention that the biggest drivers of identity theft are illegal immigrants using the false identities for employment* (according the Utah Attorney General’s office see here and here, for example).

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce fits into this as they have been actively seeking to block legislation dealing with work-related identity theft for years now and were a key player in ramming through HB116 which effectively guts State Law on employment identity verification, provides a defacto amnesty from identity theft, and a reward of a work permit for illegal immigrants (among other flaws).  The Chamber of Commerce (along with Morrill’s boss) is also spearheading the effort in Washington DC to foist this program on the entire nation under the guise of “America’s Compact” (really it’s a repeat of the soundly rejected 2007 McCain-Kennedy amnesty).

The Salt Lake Chamber seems quite confident of itself and their chief lobbyist glories that the Chamber blocked enforcement legislation and provided an amnesty program while washing themselves of any responsibility.

The track record is clear: The Salt Lake Chamber can not care less about identity theft nor the victims (children or otherwise) so long as their labor and cost goals are met.

EDIT: Bear in mind, too, that by it’s actions, the Chamber is also seeking to disadvantage businesses that use E-Verify by forcing them to compete with businesses who reduce labor costs by hiring illegal workers (like fugitives).

Take action: Read more on HB116 and sign the petition to repeal the legislation.

*Note: Fugitives and deadbeats also use stolen identities for employment.  The Chamber also appears to have no compunction providing them jobs.

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