Bountiful City Still Flim-Flams Residents On Property Tax, Power Rates

In the Bountiful City May 2011 newsletter, the author states:

…[Bountiful’s] property tax rate will be the lowest of any of the 20 largest cities in the state, with no increases in power [rates]…

The property tax rate deception has been debunked on this blog on a plethora of occasions.  Evidently, perpetuating this myth continues to be a favored tactic by the city.  As noted and analyzed on this blog, this specious statement only works if people ignore the fact that the city uses the power company as a defacto taxing entity and ignores that as a portion of the tax burden placed on residents.  Each year the city transfer’s about $2 million from it’s power company into the general fund.  This year the transfer is $2.2 Million.

The touting of no increase in power rates is another play in sophistry.  While Bountiful didn’t increase the power rate this year (it did so last year), it did increase the customer charge this year.  Bountiful’s power rate remains higher than the privately-owned and much more regulated, Rocky Mountain Power as does its customer charge.

2 thoughts on “Bountiful City Still Flim-Flams Residents On Property Tax, Power Rates

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