Bountiful City Still Ready To Fund Pet Project (UPDATE: Now Ready To Give The Money)

Just a quick blurb on an issue I’ve been tracking for a four years now.  Apparently, Bountiful City still has $750,000 of tax money sitting around burning a hole in its pocket:

The city council has committed $750,000 to the project – contingent upon an equal museum match to fund the structure, which originally was projected to cost $1.5 million.

Despite a serious recession, the city leaders still want to pursue this project with taxpayer funding.  Not surprisingly, several of the leaders who committed to the project belong to the historical commission.

They have taken in some donations, but those too seem to consist of government using your money:

Centerville has also donated, with a hope the other three South Davis cities being included as a part of the museum can do so, Collinwood said.

Those cities are West Bountiful, Woods Cross and North Salt Lake. [Unlike Centerville, I don’t think they have given money…If that’s wrong and they have “donated” please let me know]

About $300,000 in other donations have reportedly been received.

They have asked for private donations but it seems a most of their focus has been on hitting up other government entities to use tax money to fund their project (demonstrated above as well).

Parting thought: How can government make a donation when the money they donate was taken from others?

UPDATE (5/19): Looks like Bountiful City is gearing up just to give the money to museum group and drop the requirement to match their funding:

“It’s in our (city’s) court,” Hardy said. “I think the expectation that they’re going to raise substantially more money and meet a matching commitment is just not realistic.”

But residents don’t need to worry that a property tax hike or bond will be used toward its construction.

“We’re just looking at ways to finance it (remainder), whether it’s through use of city funds, grants, we just don’t know,,” he said.

They still don’t seem to comprehend that while they may not raise taxes, that is people’s hard-earned money (collected taxes) they plan on cavalierly handing out for the project.  Here’s their likely rationalization for just giving the money out for another pet project (we’ll also update an existing building):

While agreeing the ability to share some resources will add utility, it could be a time to look at upgrading the BDAC building at the same time as the museum is built.

It seems like the BDAC building can wait and even if it couldn’t, the cost of the update would be much lower than dumping citizen’s money into an upgrade and a brand new building.  Special interests certainly do love forcibly getting your money through their government helpers when they fail to garner voluntary donations.

2 thoughts on “Bountiful City Still Ready To Fund Pet Project (UPDATE: Now Ready To Give The Money)

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