Washington DC’s K Street, Elite Groups Push HB116 (GOP Convention)

I have blogged before about the powerful elites trying to push HB116 down our throats.  Now they’ve enlisted the help of none other than an elite K Street Washington DC lobbying firm to help run attack ads.

The attack ad sent by “American Principles in Action*” lobbyists (1420 K St. NW, Washington DC) to Republican delegates depicts a wolf in sheep’s clothing with the words “Don’t get fooled” on the cover.  The backside uses the tired, deceptive “anti-immigration” language and slimes some groups that have negligible (if any) action related to the HB116 debate in the first place.    In that sense, the ad itself is a form of truth in advertising as it depicts an out-of-touch outside elite group trying to get involved on the local level.

Moving on to the more local political elite groups.  Both the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and Sutherland Institute have, predictably, drafted and are spreading ‘information sheets’ (the sheets mirror each other).  Both groups were instrumental in getting HB 116 through the legislature with virtually no public debate or attention in an unannounced late session reminiscent of Obamacare’s process.  Jake Garn also put out an email to delegates but it was just vague puff with no details.

The Chamber-Sutherland sheet still fail to address the points I and others have raised regarding the serious flaws of HB116.  They try to address identity theft with a specious argument that ID theft will be solved but (as usual) ignores the fact that victims (often children) will be left to clean the mess and illegal immigrant identity thieves will not be held to account for the crime (they are happy to ignore the crime and victims – that’s why they only refer to future identity theft). They rely on the background check argument but never mention the fact that only the initial permit holder requires such and that family member permits (which do allow them to work) provide an easy means to avoid a background check, nor the sheet state that the bill itself has a note declaring unconstitutional provisions (scroll to the end) – they link to the pdf version which omits the note…

I’m not going to retype something I’ve already posted.  Feel free to click here for the aforementioned post on the serious flaws (which includes references to the legislation so you can see the legislative language I refer to).

*For what it’s worth, American Principles in Action is the same lobbying firm that conducted the recent phone push-poll on Utah Republican delegates.


3 thoughts on “Washington DC’s K Street, Elite Groups Push HB116 (GOP Convention)

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