Davis School District Going For A Tax Increase Trifecta

Just a quick “heads up”. This will be the second year in a row that that the Davis School District is going to raise your taxes. Last year they raised them $60 on the average home. This year it will be more of the same.

So where’s the trifecta? I understand that the plan is to go for yet another increase next year.

If finalized, taxpayers will be on the hook for $120 per year (combining last year’s increase) plus whatever they go for next year. All that comes on top of all the other bond extensions/renewals, county property tax increases, RDA deals, municipal power cost increases, and political pet project taxes and spending (RAP tax, Recreation tax etc).  Look here (PDF) for a feel of what the tax equates to in personal expenses and the full property tax cost of the District increase.

As always, insidious property taxes disproportionally affect the poor and those on fixed incomes. This is especially true in the current economic climate when many more families are trying to make ends meet (and drastically cutting their own budgets) while struggling with earnings reduction and unemployment.

I understand that one board member was blaming the legislature, as did the former Superintendent Richard Kendell, stating: “If the state had done its job to manage growth, we would not be here now”. Okay, the State did try to manage growth when it tried to implement vouchers and, this session, the State found a way to come up with millions for education rather than cutting their budget.

Ending on the positive: At the initial tax meeting most attendees were opposed to the increase and, better yet, one board member (Cannon) even voted against the increase and called for cuts (I almost fell over when I read that).

They still have a truth in taxation hearing and that will take place on August 11th at 6PM. Be prepared.

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