AG Shurtleff, Sutherland, SL Chamber Team With Soros-Backed Washington DC Firm On Immigration

Not all that long ago, an elite Washington DC K Street firm came into the state in an effort to stop the Utah GOP convention delegates from calling for the repeal of the terribly flawed and unequivocally unconstitutional HB116 (Utah’s illegal immigrant guest worker/amnesty law).  They failed, and the majority deemed HB116 unacceptable.

Now it looks like it is another’s turn.  Just as before, a Washington DC-based special interest group, “National Immigration Forum” is teaming with (PDF) the Sutherland Institute, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, and the Downtown Alliance to push for amnesty programs and push for HB116-like programs under the guise of a “summit”.  But there’s a bonus this time: The National Immigration Forum receives support and funding by none other than the George Soros Open Society Institute (go to the “O” section and note where Open Society Institute links off to).  Soros’ institute is also listed in the most recent report (PDF) under “Foundation Support”.

One of the NIF’s goals is “legalization” of illegal immigrants and considered part of the open borders lobby.  More information on the group can be found here (PDF), here, and here.

It looks like Utah’s Attorney General (posts), Sutherland (posts), and the Salt Lake Chamber (posts) that failed in the GOP convention are now going to have another go at it with Soros’ help.  The event seems to be set up as more of an echo chamber than a summit given the one sided lineup of speakers.  Plus there is the tell-tale schtick of intentionally failing to differentiate legal and illegal immigrants by lumping them all in a “immigrants” (an effort to cloud the issue).

Here’s hoping another desperate attempt by an elite, seemingly left-wing, Washington DC based group is largely ignored when it tries to influence local policy in “flyover country”.

PS:  Melaleuca also a sponsor.  What is that, a variant of Amway?


4 thoughts on “AG Shurtleff, Sutherland, SL Chamber Team With Soros-Backed Washington DC Firm On Immigration

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