Utah GOP Giving Sutherland Institute Preferential Access To Delegates?

UPDATE: See this post which closes out this issue: Caveat Emptor: Final Update On Sutherland And The GOP Delegate E-Mail List

As I am aware, delegate emails are closely guarded by the Republican party and not even released to Republican candidates.  If so, how did Sutherland manage to get access to the email list?

The Sutherland Institute has the results of the delegate survey entitled:  Results of our GOP delegate survey.  Survey methodology and survey questions do not appear in the results nor is there any mention of accounting for potential bias of propensity to answer a survey from a special interest group.  Unsurprisingly, one of the questions involved the Sutherland-supported HB116 (Utah’s Illegal Immigrant Guest Worker bill) and another involved HB477 (the GRAMA amendments) that Sutherland’s President, Paul Mero, supported. Sutherland may now have a convenient database showing which delegates (of the 20% that answered) support/opposes particular issues that they can target for marketing and/or defeat in the future, especially given Mero’s view of the delegate process.

In contrast: Congratulations go to the Democratic party which protected their delegates’ political privacy from an outside group’s solicitations.  According to the above survey results:

Utah State Democratic Party leadership did not respond to Sutherland’s requests to send this email survey to Democratic state delegates.

It is very disturbing that a party (the GOP) that won’t entrust its own candidates with delegate emails would somehow give access to or leak them to a third-party special interest group with specific political agendas.

UPDATE: Should have mentioned the irony of the GOP sharing the list with a group that recently teamed with a Soros-backed interest DC firm.


3 thoughts on “Utah GOP Giving Sutherland Institute Preferential Access To Delegates?

  1. I called Sutherland and asked where they got the delegate list. Kevin said ‘from the State GOP Party.’ The Party adamantly denied to me that they gave the delegate list to Sutherland. So where is Sutherland getting the info?

    • Hmmm…That sounds like either the GOP has someone who is leaking the information to Sutherland or has released the list and failed to inform their staffers (basically lying to “CYA”).

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