Representative Bill Wright’s HB116 Conflict Of Interest

First, make no mistake, Representative Wright ran the final bill but HB116 is ultimately Senator Bramble’s bill.  Nevertheless, Wright decided he would run the final bill and ram it through  (with Bramble and Speaker Lockhart’s help) in a late session with negligible debate.

Yesterday, KSL put up an article entitled “Is Utah short of workers or work ethic?”.  In the debate, it appears that Attorney General Mark Shurtleff inadvertently outed his compatriot’s inherent conflict of interest in pushing legislation that will provide a personal economic benefit:

Rep. Bill Wright, R-Holden, who is a dairy farmer, recognized the need for legislation when he could not find workers to milk his cows, Shurtleff said…

Besides the conflict of interest, the implication is that Representative Wright’other than legal’ workers to milk his cows.  That begs the questions: Has Representative Wright intentionally hired illegal workers?  Is he in compliance with Utah’s albeit toothless, but mandatory, E-Verify law?  If not, who’s social security numbers are his workers using?

No one knows those answers to the above but Representative Wright.  This apparent conflict of interest adds just another facet to the HB116 mess besides its absolutely unconstitutional nature  as well as the other major flaws in the bill.  The bill really should be repealed.

I did get a chuckle out of the irony provided by the article’s title.  It was none other than Representative Wright is who insulted legal immigrant and US workers in a similar manner when he introduced HB116.

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