Update On Washington DC’s Mountain West Immigration Summit

For background on the event’s bias, and Washington DC-George Soros affiliation, see the previous post on this subject.

I was looking at twitter and noticed that the recent one-sided conference Attorney General Shurtleff, the Salt Lake Chamber, and Sutherland Institute put on with the George Soros-backed Washington DC firm, National Immigration Forum.  According to attendee tweets, one of the forum’s targets was E-Verify.  That should come as no surprise to anyone who has looked into the Forum’s stances and partners.  I took a look at the Forum’s most recent IRS Form 990.  On page 30, I noticed a $75,000 transfer to PICO.  Besides amnesty, one of PICO’s main goals is the prevention of E-Verify.  However, the best part may be their admittance that E-Verify does, effectively, prevent people using false or stolen identities from being hired:

If this system were to become mandatory, it would require companies to verify the status of their new hires, making it much more difficult for undocumented immigrants to find work.

They are focused primarily on illegal immigrants,  as illegal immigrants must use a citizen’s or legal immigrant’s identity along with false documents to qualify for employment (such as I-9 forms and the like).  E-Verify is, however, not limited to illegal immigrants – it helps prevent identity thieves of all stripes (including fugitives) from using their ill-gotten identity to get a job.


2 thoughts on “Update On Washington DC’s Mountain West Immigration Summit

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