2011 Bountiful City Council Election (Part 2)

In my last post regarding Bountiful City Council candidates I passed on some data regarding incumbent vote and attendance records.  I mentioned some of the taxes, and pet programs they had presided over.  I also noted that, in a Standard Examiner article, Ernie Cox stood out as the only candidate that brought up cutting spending to ensure city government lives within its means.

Today, I was informed of a very good question/answer post  (Candidates for Bountiful City Council in their own words) on Mr. Wright’s blog “Leaning Wright”.  Several questions related to the proper scope of government and Cox again stood out.  He consistently brought insight, specifics, and hard numbers in his answers and showed a clear understanding of the governmental power and overreach .  In any case, the above linked post makes for an excellent resource for anyone who wants to gather information prior to Tuesday’s vote.

Finally, Cox’s answers intrigued me enough to take a look at his website and found it, too, was refreshingly specific on and focused on issues.  The homepage provides a good rundown and other issues are highlighted by links on the left.  Hope these resources help you make a decision by Tuesday.

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