Honor Our Veterans: Call Congress On Fatal Medevac Failure (Update)

Today is Veterans’ Day.  Unfortunately some never came home from the field of battle to enjoy their own day.  Chazray Clark is one of those and it wasn’t necessary – he should have made it back to enjoy and reflect on this day.  What happened that day is unacceptable.

First look at Yon’s post entitled “Red Air: America’s Medevac Failure” to gain some extra background.  The following video is from “Fool’s Gold & Troops’ Blood” (Yon also links to other dispatches on the subject there – please read them) which was taken during the incident.  If you have limited time, skip to about 8 minutes in, but it’s better to watch from the start to get a feel for the time elapsed and the fact that the casualty was stable when they arrived at the LZ and for some time thereafter.

Please call your congressional representatives (both your Senators and your Representative) and ask that attention be given regarding Dustoff  Medavac policies.  We need to take the red crosses off and arm them (like the Air Force Pedros) and let them do their job.

UPDATE: Sigh…I forgot to mention: Besides the above, also consider supporting our veterans by looking at the Fisher House and considering donating to them.  Awesome charity,


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