Shurtleff, Chamber of Commerce, Sutherland Institute “Honor” Veterans Day With Call For Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

I am privileged to work with many veterans.  Honestly, I was stunned when I heard about this and had to ask if the date was, again, correct. Today, Veteran’s Day, the Utah Compact (aka cloak for amnesty and guaranteed cheap labor) pushers are going to hold another press conference and make a big media event of it.  It’s no accidental coincidence either.

Last Veteran’s day (2010), they introduced the compact at 11am.  The eleventh hour (11 am), of the 11th day or the eleventh month is well known as the climax of Veterans day recalling the WWI armistice signing.  This year, organizers are running their event around noon, but they clearly are fine pushing an issue that largest Veterans’ groups stand entirely opposed to (see here and here – pdf) on the very day we are supposed to be honoring them and their sacrifices.

It is clear, to me, where ‘compact’ proponents priories rest.


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