SLC Police Chief Burbank: Identity Theft Is a Laughing Matter

On October 26, 2011 the National Immigration Forum (a Soros funded group supportive of illegal immigration amnesty measures and assisting opposition to identity theft prevention) held the Mountain West Immigration Summit which included like minded individuals such as: Salt Lake City PD chief Chris Burbank (opposed to enforcement measures and supportive of a sanctuary city), Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, KSL Radio Host Doug Wright, the Salt Lake Chamber Of Commerce (big proponents of HB116 and opposed to enforcement measures), and the Sutherland Institute.

During the discussion, Attorney General Shurtleff brought up identity theft. Chief Burbank continued on the subject and began laughing when discussing where identities were sold (apparently he knows which “corner store”) and notes the people in the crowd know where this is occurring.  He then talks about how something should be done going so far as to excuse the stolen/fraudulent ID purchases sending the message that he will do nothing about it.  The preceding discussion was about federal responsibility to enforce immigration law and Chief Burbank wants the federal government to “go after that person” selling the documents.  Evidently, while not immigration enforcement, Chief Burbank prefers to yuk it up rather than do anything about a crime that involves real victims including tens of thousands of Utah children.

While this goes on, Attorney General Shutleff never admonishes Burbank or Wright which should come as no surprise given his change in position on the seriousness of employment-related identity theft.  The full video can be found here the above excerpt is around 27 minutes in.

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