Washington County Utah Establishes E-Verify Requirement With Penalty

In a few days, Washington County will implement a requirement that business use E-Verify.  Washington County also managed to do something the State Legislature couldn’t muster: including a consequence for disobeying the law (Washington County to Require Businesses to use E-Verify; St. George Studying Similar Requirement):

Those that fail to comply with the ordinance, which goes into effect December 17, risk temporary suspension, even revocation of their business license, for three or more instances of noncompliance.

I honestly had no idea about this until I stumbled on it today.  Clearly, Washington County has been getting serious about identity theft and illegal immigration…and have been doing so for a while:

In recent years, Washington County cross-deputized officers as Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents in an attempt to further address the impacts of illegal immigration, he said…

…The county ordinance, passed in October, was drafted after the US Supreme Court ruled in May that the states have authority to sanction employers who hire undocumented workers. The decision refers strictly to the issuance or renewal of business licenses.

Take a look at the source article for details but be warned of some of the run of the mill baseless spin by opponents:

1. They try to bring deportation costs into the equation.  The ordinance has no deportation requirement and they know it.  It only requires employers to verify legal labor status and is a significant preventive measure in child identity theft (and employment-related identity theft, in general).  They’re just throwing dust.

2. They play the predictable race card asking if they will only “dark-skinned employees” will be checked.  It also exposes their unfamiliarity with E-Verify. E-Verify requires all new hires be checked if only select employees are checked the business runs afoul of their agreement, the ordinance, and federal law.  It is also online, free, highly accurate, and returns a result rapidly.

Unlike SLCPD Chief Burbank, Washington County is taking identity theft seriously.


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