Republican Delegates Beware: Davis County Caucus Killers (Jowers Starts Machine)?

UPDATE: This post has been superseded by “Republican Delegates Beware II: Consolidated Post On Davis County Candidates (Liljenquist Senate Seat)

Paul Rolly ran a report on Dan Liljenquist’s potential run for Senator Hatch’s seat.  In that article he also discussed three people who are already making moves for Liljenquists seat with Republican delegates (delegates will pick his replacement until the next election).  Scrolling down in the article under the subheading “Let’s get ready to rumble”:

Republican activists Todd Weiler, Randy Shumway and Greg Ericksen have begun reaching out to Davis County delegates for support to fill Liljenquist’s seat upon his expected resignation to run against Hatch.

Two of the three noted in the article raised an immediate red flag for me. Both Todd Weiler and Randy Shumway attended Kirk Jowers Alta Club meeting for the political elites in an effort to change the nomination process (specifically the neighborhood caucus system) and retake/increase their hold on the party.  Since the meeting Jowers and others from the meeting have been running articles and media appearances pushing for the end of the neighborhood caucus system.  Doing so shifts electoral power toward big donors and large political organizations/insiders.

Shumway not only attended the meeting but is also part of the Dan Jones and Cicero Group and serves on the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Governors.  These groups had multiple attendees at Jowers’ meeting. He is also part of the Chamber’s Capitol Club which recently hosted a meeting on neutralizing the neighborhood caucus with Kirk Jowers and LaVarr Webb presenting.

Weiler, besides being an Alta Club attendee, has tweeted Jowers appearances (here and here) on the caucus system.  He received a significant amount from former Senator Bennett in 2009.  Senator Bennett’s ouster was a good part of what prompted the Jowers Alta Club meeting as grassroots forces pushed out established insiders but Mr. Weiler has stated that he did not attend the meeting and is a “strong proponent” of the caucus system.  As an aside, Weiler recently broke GOP convention rules by taking to the floor to debate an illegal immigration resolution reserved for delegates (he was not a delegate) – a complaint was filed.

I don’t know much about Ericksen (yet) but while looking for his stance on the caucus, I did find his “Keep Utah’s Caucus” article from the Salt Lake Tribune.  He makes similar arguments to mine in the article.  I also don’t know if there are any others beginning to make move in anticipation of Liljenquist leaving (please pass their names on).

For now, it looks like a Jowers political machine may be in the early stages with at least one affiliated candidates vying for an office with the ability to author ‘anti-caucus’ legislation.  The irony of it all, however, is that these candidates need Mr. Shumway must convince the delegates Jowers seeks to neutralize to vote for him…

All posts on threats to the caucus available here.

UPDATE: Edited the above (left significant edits for clarity/disclosure) based on new information received (comments).


7 thoughts on “Republican Delegates Beware: Davis County Caucus Killers (Jowers Starts Machine)?

  1. I don’t know where you get your facts. I did NOT attend the Alta Club meeting. I wasn’t even invited. In addition, I have been a strong proponent of the caucus-delegate-convention system for over a decade. I will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Furthermore, I believe that Kirk Jowers and his friends are dead wrong on the caucuses. I totally support Thomas Wright’s defense of the caucus system. My tweets were not in support of Jowers, but were instead to show people his arguments. Also, I have never donated to Bob Bennett.

    Todd Weiler

    • I had the information on the “Mainstream Republicans” meeting from the SL Trib report which was reprinted/archived by the Hinckley Institute (see here for links to the above).

      Have you, therefore, not attended any Mainstream Republican activities whatsoever and were the Trib/Hinckley Institute erroneously perpetuating the article regarding your attendance?

      In terms of the Bennett campaign – you are correct. As the link indicates it appears they donated to you. I misread the tab and understood it as receipts rather than expenditures. My bad – I have corrected the post to reflect such.

  2. As a Parliamentarian, and granted I do not have the DCRP Bylaws or Convention Rules in front of me, I would note that, according to Roberts Rules of Order, the Chair of any organization is allowed to present people to speak before a convention. Unless there is an objection at that time, upon which the assembly would vote whether or not to sustain the Chair, no complaints are in order after the fact. I attended that convention and do not recall anyone raising an objection when Todd came up to speak. Therefore, unless the DCRP governing documents or convention rules expressly forbid it, Todd’s speech did not actually “break” any convention rules.

    Also, I have to say that striking out erroneous information written about someone instead of actually removing it seems very unprofessional. In my opinion, it demonstrates a bias and gives the appearance the writer is promoting a personal agenda.

    • I disagree. I left that in for full disclosure that an error had been made. You may delete errors on your blog but here it remains – I’ve seen other blogs do the same as I and prefer it as it highlights what happened rather than having to read tea leaves after the fact.

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