The Reverse Endorsement For Senator Liljenquist’s Seat (Shumway)

Sometimes endorsements should be gracefully declined.  This is one such case.  First, Sheryl Allen recently endorsed Randy Shumway for Liljenquist’s Utah Senate seat.  Sheryl Allen was a Republican State Representative who effectively voted and behaved as a Democrat (tax and spend, bad on illegal immigration, Second Amendment issues, proponent of public employee unions…the list goes on) for her entire tenure in the Legislature.  Once she resigned, she quickly turned around and became a Democrat and ran as Peter Corroon’s Lieutenant Governor in the 2010 Governor’s race. Sheesh, she wasn’t even invited to the liberal Republican meet designed to stop the caucus system.  Now she’s trying to exert her influence with this endorsement (passed on to me):

From: Sheryl Allen [Redacted]
Sent: [Redacted]
To: [Redacted]
Subject: A recommdnation for Utah Senate District 23

I have been told by reliable souces that our State Senator Dan Liljenquist will be resigning soon so that he can run against Sen. Orrin Hatch.  I respect Sen. Liljenquist, and I regret his loss to the Utah Senate.

However, there is an exceptional gentleman who is interested in running for this position.  I am recommending Randy Shumway to you for consideration.  Randy is a former California board of education member, a graduate of Harvard, a successful business consultant, and he recently purchased Dan Jones & Associates although he does not get directly involved in polling.

Randy regularly makes written contributions to the Deseret News, most frequently on education topics.  His articles can be googled but here are links to three of them:

I strongly recommend Randy Shumway as a Utah State Senator and hope you will carefully consider him for that position when the Republican county delegates or alternate delegates, if necessary, meet in the near future.

If you have any questions, please call me or write to me.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sheryl Allen    [Redacted]

Anyone who knows Allen’s liberal positions will think Shumway is asking himself “Why does she hate me?” right now but that isn’t the case.  More likely, Shumway is in Allen’s boat on spending and liberal policies.  One clear indication is the articles he’s authored and his attendance at the previously linked meeting to terminate neighborhood caucuses.  I’m quite certain he is backed by Kirk Jower’s but also by the candidate being “groomed” by the tax-and-spend (as long as it’s someone else’s taxes) business PAC:

…but it will groom candidates to run for vacant legislative seats, such as that of Sen. Daniel Liljenquist…

That’s two killer endorsements in my book added on top of his association with Jowers to kill the Utah caucus system and shift power firmly to the elites.

I will try to put up a full run down of the current candidates running for the seat later and link it to this post for those interested.


4 thoughts on “The Reverse Endorsement For Senator Liljenquist’s Seat (Shumway)

  1. Hello. This is Sheryl Allen. Someone brought this post to my attention. I want to make just a few corrections. I am still a Republican (we do get to self-select our party affiliation) albeit one who marches to the beat of her own drum. I vote for the candidate rather than for party affiliation.
    My voting record indicates fiscal conservatism rather than tax and spend, and I supported Second Amendment rights.
    I consistently supported education and would do so again. In today’s Utah Policy, Lew Cramer, President and CEO of the Utah World Trade Center wrote, “At the foundation of all we are trying to do for Utah’s global future is EDUCATION. We firmly believe that Education is the jet fuel that will power Utah rapidly into strong global competitiveness. We applaud our k-12 and higher education entities for their continued emphasis on matching skills with future job opportunities, and are grateful for Prosperity 2020 leading us into preparing for a vastly different future ahead of us.” I concur.
    I extend my best wishes to you and all your readers. God bless America.

    Read more: Utah Policy – 2011 Banner Year for International Trade

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