2012 Legislative Ethics Reforms

Just a quick blurb and call to action on a worthwhile series to read through related to ethics reform and the legislature.  Begin calling your State Senator and Representative and be ready to act and put pressure on legislators as some of these measures come up for a vote during the session.  This issue affect both parties and all will need to feel pressure on it.  My favorite is the “Transparency” which calls for a sign in roster of lobbyists etc who go into the non-public back chamber of the Utah House and Senate during the session (floor debates).  It’s about time we know who is camped out (and they do) in the back out of public view while legislation is being debated, particularly when that interest group/lobbyist has a vested interest in such.

If your time is limited, besides Transparency, I recommend the End Washington Style Politics and Oath of Office pieces.

Utah legislative reform – Overview of the CitizensForTaxFairness.org initiative
Utah legislative reform – End Washington style politics
Utah legislative reform: Transparency
Utah legislative reform: Honor and uphold the oath of office
Legislative reform: Control spending and growth of government
Legislative reform: Encourage greater citizen participation

The above being said, ethics is a two way street.  Citizens also bear responsibility to be informed and participate.  Citizens complain about ethics and free meals but should also look at themselves: they are the driving factor for money in politics and should ask themselves if their own support is not up for purchase.  People won’t accept such of elected officials, they should also not accept it of themselves.

Disclosure: the author of the above initiatives is my father but no coordination has taken place – we work independently.


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