SB 18: A Near Miss On Identity Theft (Act Now! – GOP, DEM Party Fine With Voters ID Theft Risk)(UPDATE)

Another quick heads up that demands immediate action as this bill is already being voted on:

Currently, your name and date of birth are a public record if you are a registered voter.  Those two bits of information give an identity thief the majority of the information they need to begin to steal your identity and apply for credit in your name, make medical visits (thereby corrupting your medical record), obtaining employment under your name (deadbeats avoid wage garnishment, fugitives avoid capture, illegal immigrants use it all of which can have the IRS asking for back taxes on that “second job”) among other destructive implications.

Senator Dayton has put forward SB18 (Government Records Access and Management Act – Voter Registration Records) which will protect your email address on your voter registration from public records.  That’s a good step but it misses the bigger problem.  I don’t like spam, it’s a nuisance but my date of birth is much more important.  I can change email addresses but I can’t change by birthday.  So who would stand in the way of adding this to SB 81?… Both major political parties:

Utah’s two major political parties require citizens to make their birth dates available to the world so the parties can have this data even though it opens citizens up to identity theft and other fraudulent activities.

The parties have consistently killed attempts to protect the birthdates of voters in spite of citizen requests to safeguard this information and pleas from County Clerks to make the birth dates private.

Immediately contact Senator Dayton and your senator.  Ask that they support amending SB81 to include date of birth.  As stated in the above link: “…no citizen should be required by any political party, or any business group for that matter, to make their birth date public in order to exercise their right to vote.”

Disclosure: My father wrote the quoted text but no coordination has occurred.

UPDATE: SB18 passed the Senate without including birth date, but Representative Greenwood amended SB18 in committee to include birth dates.  Thanks go to Representative Greenwood!  Now, it must pass the House floor vote – please contact your Representative and ask that they support SB18 as currently amended.


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