A Reminder: Time To Repeal HB116

Last year, we witnessed the Utah Legislature pull an Obamacare stunt of its own: It passed two highly controversial bills with negligible debated in an unscheduled late session.   The first bill, HB477 was later pulled back and reworked while the other, (HB 116 – Utah’s illegal immigrant amnesty) with it’s solid Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce backing (likely the bill’s author) was left in tact and signed by Governor Herbert.

The unvetted legislation formulated by a narrow special interest group was found to have a litany of  major flaws as well as being indisputably unconstitutional.  It was so toxic that opposite sides of the illegal immigration debate called for its repeal (including the Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board and Bishop Wester).  Subsequently, Utah Republican State (and several counties) Delegate conventions passed resolutions calling for the repeal/replacement of the bill.

Right now, the rumored latest tactic of proponents (most notably Senator Bramble and the SL Chamber) is that they are going to “tweak” the bill a bit.  That sort of spin doesn’t fly for me.  The bill is so horribly flawed that it needs to be dissolved and replaced by constitutional legislation which also respects victims and the rule of law rather than the current attempt at a captive worker program which casts victims, taxpayers, and legal and illegal immigrants by the wayside.

Please contact your Senator and Representative and politely, but firmly, request that they fully repeal HB116 and commit to a new, open debate to fully vet legislation this time.


One thought on “A Reminder: Time To Repeal HB116

  1. This bill needs to be repealed. Doesn’t need a replacement. What needs to happen is to teach businesses how to use the already in place visa system. They can get “guest workers” simply by using the present in-place visa system. Some employers feel that they are too small, that the visa system is too much paper work, etc. Easy solution that they won’t like. Bond with other like-minded employers, create a co-op, hire someone to handle all members of the co-ops employee needs.
    The real problem is that state government is being asked to solve a problem that cannot be solved. When folks come to state government with a problem they want solved, state legislators have to stop trying to fix things for everyone. Folks need to find their own solutions because government just makes things worse.
    This is one of the reasons I’m running for Utah House District 62. Government needs to get out of the way and allow individuals to find solutions for themselves.

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